AUGUST 4, 2016


“Yes on 2” Launches Broadcast Campaign With Spot Highlighting

Massachusetts’ Best in the Country Public Charter Schools


BOSTON, MA – Beginning on August 5th, Great Schools Massachusetts’ campaign to lift the cap on public charter schools will launch its first television ad on broadcast and cable TV.  The ad will appear in heavy rotation during broadcast and cable Olympic programming.

The spot titled Best in the Country” features a public charter school teacher and highlights Charter Schools’ success helping kids in the lowest-performing districts with longer school days and more personal attention, while resulting in more funding for public education.

WATCH “Best in the Country:”

“Expanding access to public charters will strengthen our education system by bringing better school options and more money to our public education system.” said Eileen O’Connor of Great Schools Massachusetts, the campaign to lift the cap on charter schools.


Public polling on the ballot question to lift the cap has consistently demonstrated that voters favor expanding access to public charter schools because they provide high-quality options to parents, especially those that live in communities where the district schools are failing.


Great Schools Massachusetts is a statewide coalition of parents, community groups, public charter schools, education advocates and members of the business community committed to providing families with equal access to public charter schools. Nearly 33,000 children in Massachusetts remain stuck on public charter school waiting lists due to arbitrary enrollment caps, particularly in urban districts where traditional public schools are underperforming. Great Schools Massachusetts is committed to providing families with equal access to public charter schools.


Eileen O’Connor | [email protected] | 617-806-6999