Question 2 will give fair access to public charter schools to the thousands of Massachusetts families in desperate need of great schools in their community. Question 2 will:

  • Provide more quality school options for Massachusetts’ families, by allowing the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to authorize up to 12 new public charter schools or existing school expansions per year.

  • Give priority to communities where parents are demanding charter public schools. Public charter schools from the lowest performing 25% of the state’s school districts, and districts with significant waiting lists for public charter schools, will be given preference by the state board.

  • Keep rigorous accountability and oversight in place. Question 2 gives the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education additional flexibility to authorize new public charter school seats in communities where the need is greatest and parent demand is strong. However, it does not change the rigorous charter school oversight and approval process that has helped make Massachusetts’ public charters the best in the nation.

  • Ensure that public charter school growth happens slowly and strategically. Annual public charter school seat growth cannot exceed 1% of statewide student enrollment if Question 2 passes.